Would a $275.00 Evacuation Hood Have Saved Chris Steven’s Life?

I have been in high rise buildings where there is a smoke hood in every office.  Wikipedia points out the Ready.gov website recommends them.

Preparedness lists, such as those presented by Ready.Gov, often recommend smoke hoods, although some lists use alternate names such as “fume hoods,” “respirator hoods,” or “self-rescue hoods.” As most modern construction contains materials that produce toxic smoke or fumes when burned, smoke hoods can allow people to make a safe escape from buildings when it might not otherwise be possible.

Why weren’t smoke hood available at the Benghazi diplomatic compound, as part of their emergency preparedness?

Are smote hoods part of the State Department’s current preparedness plans?

  • Maybe, this CBS news report shows State Department rescue training where the victim is wearing a smoke hood (time code 0.51 – 0.55).




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