My Letter-To-The-Editor Was Published!

I penned a reply to “The Last Straw” in Wednesday’s News-Leader.  My reply was published Friday.  Unfortunately I didn’t proof it very well, it was early morning.  The paper’s editor caught one omission (hard) and missed one (had).  I alway blame my inability to proof my own work on Florida’s experiment in “sight reading”, when I proof read I know what I intended to say.


August 10, 2016

The final straw


Well, I just got the numbers, and over 2,000 Democrats and No Party Affiliates have registered Republican in Nassau County. They will vote in the Republican primary. I guess this fall under the final straw.

Many were tired of efforts to disenfranchise their right to vote. When one party has someone run as either a write-in candidate (no one ever sees their name) or has a Republican reregister as a Libertarian (about 180 in the county) to keep the Democratic and nonaffiliated voters from voting, it becomes unacceptable.

This year they went too far (the final straw). The book closed last Monday for the primary. You are for the primary what you were that day. So to all who did this, I say, go vote, and vote the entire ballot. Once your vote is cast, take the final stand and reregister as you were. The moment you turn in your ballot, fill out the paperwork to return to your prior status. You can do this at the Supervisor of Elections office or at the Democratic headquarters. You do not have to wait until after the primary. The day after the primary, the supervisor will flip the switch and you will be home. The point will have been made quite clear. Stop trying to rig elections and disenfranchising voters!

Carla Voisard


August 12, 2016

Party switching


Carla Voisard, chair of Democratic Executive Committee (DEC), urged the approximately 14 percent registered Democrats who recently defected to the Republican Party to come home. Her premise is they did this to gain a vote in the uncontested races that would normally be “Universal Primary Contest” if not for a write-in candidate. It is (hard) to believe that 14 percent of the registered Democrats felt so strongly about which Republican is elected in a primary which the Democrats didn’t even field a candidate. She ignores the possibility that they (had) become dissatisfied with the Progressive agenda of the Democratic Party. Or did the DEC organize the re-registrations of 2,000 voters? I doubt it. If they had, Carla wouldn’t need to write a letter to the editor to urge them to return to the Democratic fold. She should have their contact info and could email, robocall or send a mass mailing to let them know it was time to come home. If the letter was to highlight her perception of disenfranchisement via the write-in process, she needs to be clearer in her explanation of the disenfranchisement. Note, the courts have ruled on the write-in issue and the Democrats use it when it suits their agenda.


Jim Miller



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