Immigration Reform

What I would like to see.


In order to “control the border” at our southern border and northern border if it becomes a problem create a “barrier” vice wall/fence that serves the perimeter security function of delaying until a response force arrives.  Such as two fences 50′ apart with consterna wire between them and detection capabilities.

Create, and fund, a bipartisan blue ribbon panel, with staff, to collect existing legislation, review and recommend a new, coherent, set of immigration policies, that occupy less than three 3-in notebooks.  The panel would have one year to create the policy manuals.

Submit and pass legislation, to repeal current legislation and codify the new policy.

Reorganize Customs and Border Protection in alignment with the legislation.

Reorganize Executive Office for Immigration Review, in DOJ, in alignment with the legislation, staff at a level that will result in adjudication of cases within 180 days of arraignment.

Some of the things I would like to see in the policy:

  1. First time visa (includes visits from countries with visa waivers) overstay are infractions, with recommendation (judge has some discretion) for expulsion. Bail is always the cost of expulsion, failure to appear is a misdemeanor, with a recommended expulsion.
    1. In lieu of incarceration/bail offenders can accept voluntary expulsion, at government expense, if they don’t have existing return passage..
  2. Subsequent visa overstay is a misdemeanor, with mandatory (judge has no discretion) expulsion.
  3. Habitual (2 or more) visa overstays are felonies, with recommended jail time.
  4. Entry without visa, or documented border crossing in case of visa waiver, is a felony.
  5. A viable seasonal/temporary guest worker program, and a coherent H1 visa program.
  6. A reasonable/consistent policy on asylum and refugees.
  7. Mandatory e-verify for any business with more than five employees, with remedial screening of existing employees over a two year period.
  8. No more anchor babies.

What to do with current illegal aliens (I know term is not PC, but it is codified in IRS regulations).

Create a new United States Citizenship and Immigration Services “Nonimmigrant” status, with right to work which is good for 5 years and must be renewed.  Failure to renew would be a felony with mandatory expulsion.  To achieve any other USCIS status would require returning to native country, with loss of current status and applying for new status.  Any felony would result in revocation of status.  Multiple misdemeanors could result in revocation of status.

Current illegal aliens would have one year to register (during that year e-verify would be phase in for all businesses with more than five employees).  Registration would include photograph, fingerprint, DNA collection and criminal background check. Any felony would result in denial of the new status and expulsion. Failure to register would be a misdemeanor with recommended expulsion.

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