Hillary – Bin Laden Situation Room Photo

5 of the individuals seated at table took time to visit with Seal Team 6.


In her speech to the American Legion last night, Hillary was 30 minutes late in arriving from her fund raising event in the Hamptons.  A few of the notable attendees at the fundraiser were Jimmy Buffett, Paul McCartney, and Jon Bon Jovi.

In her speech (14:45/44:22) she highlights her role in the Bin Laden takedown.  She cited “the picture of all of us crowded in smaller situation room”.  Rob O’Neill, on Fox and Friends this morning commented that of the six individuals seated at the table only one couldn’t find the time to visit Norfolk and meet with Seal Team 6, after the takedown.  That one was HRC, the same one who was also 30 minutes late for her speech to the America Legion.  Didn’t she also comment that the VA was doing a fine job back in March?

Speech to American Legion, Situation Room @ 14:45

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