Trump the consummate businessman?

Why wasn’t he prepared for Alicia?


Why wasn’t the Trump campaign prepared for Alicia, basic oppo research should have found her threat to “Reveal All About Her Notoriously Rocky Relationship With Pageant Boss Donald Trump In An Upcoming Memoir” issued over a year ago.  If I can find this with a simple Google search, his campaign should have been aware and prepared for this issue.  Obviously the HRC campaign oppo research team found it.

IMHO this is just another example of the management failures by Donald, such as; not being aware of delegate process, not copyrighting his logo, failure to re-license his jet, … .  These are not things that a well managed, efficient organization does.  They are all staff failures, but if Donald, the consummate businessman, surrounds himself with the best staff members how do these things happen?

Is this the level of staffing we can expect of a Trump administration?

PS: The failure of the Trump Foundation to have the necessary permits in NY is another example that predates the campaign.

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