Bouvier Des Flandres Speciality 2016

Carol is heading up to Lancaster, Pa to help.


Carol is flying up to Lancaster, Pa to help our favorite breeder, Nancy Valaske (carting chair), as a steward for the Carting Test, Monday October 17th (closed course) and Tuesday (trail) October 18th.

She will also take in the rest of the events on Wednesday & Thursday.

She will fly into BWI on Sunday the 16th, grab a rental car from Hertz and drive an hour and a half up to the Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center.

Carol will learn what her duties will be when she meets up with Nancy on Sunday.  The carting trials begin bright and early (8:30 am) each day, with equipment checks at 8:00 am.

The levels offered are:

  • Novice Draft Dog—NDD
  • Novice Draft Dog-Veteran—NDD-V
  • Draft Dog—DD
  • Draft Dog-Veteran—DD-V
  • Novice Brace Draft Dog—NBDD
  • Novice Brace Draft Dog-Veterans—NBDD-V
  • Brace Draft Dog—BDD
  • Brace Draft Dog-Veterans—BDD-V

A video of Jedi earning his DD Title, closed course portion, from 2012:

Hopefully Carol will meet up with some Bouv friends at the Welcome Dinner Monday Evening, Down on the Farm Buffet & Auction (Tuesday Evening) and Award Dinner on Thursday Evening.

She will drive back to BWI on Friday to fly home.

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