Prescription for upgrade of voter registration process.

Currently there is much ado in the news about voter registration and the potential for voter fraud.  This breaks down into three basis areas:

  1. US citizenship and local residency
  2. Duplicate voting
    1. in-state
    2. out-of-state
  3. Integrity of registration rolls


My solution to the citizenship and residency issue is voter registration ID requirements should be in-accordance-with the Real ID act of 2005.

Currently Nassau County accepts:

  • United States passport 
  • Student identification  Χ
  • Debit or credit card Χ
  • Retirement center identification  Χ
  • Military identification 
  • Neighborhood association identification  Χ
  • Public assistance identification ?
  • Veteran Health ID Card issued by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs
  • License to carry a concealed weapon or firearm issued pursuant to S.790.06 ?
  • Employee ID Card issued by any branch, department, agency, or entity of the Federal Government, the state, a county or a municipality

– should be Real ID compliant   Χ not Real ID compliant   ? unknown

For anyone who is unable to meet the requirement of the Real ID act, for a valid reason, they may register to vote based on an affidavit, subject to criminal penalties, and a criminal background check.

Duplicate Voting

If a Real ID compliant driver’s license or ID card, in Florida denoted by a holographic gold star, isn’t used to verify the voter’s ID at the poling place, a scanned thumb print would be taken.  The scanned driver’s license metadata and the thumb prints will be processed statewide to verify no duplicate votes were cast, prior to certification of election.  The thumbprints would be purged once the election is certified.

Within 5 years the metadata and thumb print comparison would be done nationwide.

All absentee ballots would be subjected to a verification of voter registration and the metadata from the registration would be entered into a statewide database of absentee voters.  The database would create a listing of potential duplicate voters, which would be reviewed and 10% would be followed up with phone/personal interviews.

Integrity of Registration Rolls

  1. Voter registration databases should be purged weekly based on death certificated issued for county residents.  Initially limited to Florida death certificates, within 5 years all states will provide list of out-of-state deaths to state of residency and these will be included.  The individuals current registration status will be verified at time of voting, e.g. mail-in ballots will be verified based on postmark, and in-person ballots at time of voting.
    1. Data reported is based on field 1, 3 and 7a – 7f of  CDC’s “US Standard Death Certificate” of 11/2003.
  2. Monthly home sales data, in each county, will be compared to registration rolls, if a sale matches a registered voter’s address a certified letter will be sent requiring registrant to update registration within 60 days or be purged from rolls.  If election occurs within 60 day period, and individual hasn’t updated address, the individual will have to show proof that they still reside within boundaries of polling place.  If not a provisional ballot will be issued.  Similar procedure for mail-in ballots.
  3. Within 5 years all states would report issuance of driver’s licenses to new residents to the prior home state and this data would be used to purge roll.
  4. Sixty day before an election a random 10% of rolls will be verified by running a credit check (the same process SSA used to verify identity on-line).  Miss-matches will be notified by certified mail, and must resolve conflict or be purged.  If unresolved miss-matched individuals attempts to cast ballots, at a polling place, they would be given a provisional ballot subject to resolution of conflict within 2 day.  Similar procedures for mail-in ballots.
  5. 180 days before an election a random 10% of rolls would be subjected to criminal background check, any felony convictions would be adjudicated.  Outstanding warrants would be passed to Sheriff.

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