A Fiscal Conservative’s Recommendation for Nassau County Florida Federal Ballot

HRC currently has a 1.6% lead in the RCP average of polls.


My ideal presidential candidate would pledge to veto any bill not fully funded in current and future dollars, no budget tricks, no paid for by reduced fraud & waste.  Paid for by cuts in existing programs or new taxes.  If the voters want/need a new program they should pay for it.

He/she would also support legislation to add a surtax to pay down the debt.

He/she would hold a weekly budget meeting with House/Senate leadership and  give a “fire side chat” weekly along with social media post, if congress had not passed a budget by July, pointing out what congress needs to do, and identifying any individuals, from either party, who is holding up the budget.


The Real Clear Politics average of recent polls by Bloomberg (953 likely voters [LV]), Bay News 9/Survey USA (1251 LV), Remington Research (R)* (1646 LV), CBS News/YouGov (1042) & FOX 13/Opinion Savvy (538 LV) has HRC up by 1.6% with the trend moving towards a toss up.

14 Day Trend

As a fiscal conservative I have no choice but to vote against HRC, and a vote for anyone other than DJT would be an effective vote for HRC leaving me in the position of voting for DJT and hoping that he will promote some fiscal conservative policies.

If you are a fiscal conservative you will follow my lead and vote Republican, even thought you find DJT personally distasteful.

If you can’t bring yourself to vote for DJT, then Gary Johnson would be my recommendation. Be sure an vote Republican for Senate and house, gridlock will be better than unfettered Progressive-ism.


Rubio currently has a RCP margin of 3.6% with a relative flat trend.  Given Marco’s historical attendance record and self professed intent not to return to Senate, I may sit this one out,  he appears to have a safe margin.

“If I decide the best place for me to serve America is to run for president, that’s what I’m going to do,” he told South Florida’s Sun-Sentinel in February 2015.
“And I’m not going to have an exit strategy premised on the idea that I’m going to pivot back to a Senate race. We have quality candidates in the state on the Republican side who could run and make great senators.”

So I will follow his lead, my vote doesn’t appear to make a difference, so it is OK if I miss this one.

Sept. 17, 2015, Fox & Friends: “I’ve never missed a vote where my vote would make a difference.”


RCP does not have polling data for my house district (4th), the ballot has John Rutherford (R), David E. Bruderly (D) & Gary L. Koniz (NPA).  John Rutherford is former Duval County Sheriff so I will assume he knows how to budget and appears to have conservative values.  Unfortunately his issues page does not address fiscal policy.

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