Florida Early Vote as of 10/30/2016

Source data at myflorida.com

A total of 821,147 Republican vote-by-mail ballots have been returned compared to 755,712 Democratic and 372,619 other/npa ballots.  There are 473,675 Republican, 545,375 Democratic and 335,758 other/npa vote-by-mail ballots yet to be returned.

A t0tal of 629,613 Republicans have voted early compared to 671,602 Democrats and 311,799 other/npa.

Now for a little speculation, assume that all Republicans/Democrats/Others vote a party line ticket we would have:

Republican (821,147+629,613)                                1,450,760

Democrat (755,712+671,602)                                   1,427,314

Now lets assume that NPA split by the Real Clear Politic margin of 54% for HRC and 46% for DJT

NPA HRC [(323,467+274,412)*0.54]                          322,854

NPA DJT                                                                             275,024

Total   DJT 1,725,784, HRC 1,750,168


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