Michael Flynn RT’s 10th Anniversary Celebration Speaking Engagement.

In December of 2015, Michael Flynn, Jill Stein (2012 & 2016 Presidential Candidate), Ken Livingston (London Mayor 2005), Raymond McGovern (CIA officer turned political activist) and others attended Information, messages, politics: the shape-shifting powers of today’s world, a conference, in Russia, to celebrate RT’s 10th anniversary.

Mr. Flynn was a paid speaker, via Leading Authorities, Inc. (his speaker’s Bureau) for which he was reportedly paid  $33,750, the lower end of his fee range of $30,000 – $50,000.

Flynn reported the trip to his former employer, the Defense Intelligent Agency, both before and upon his return as was required.  He did not report his speaker’s fee to Army as it was from a US company.

In an interview with Dana Priest he described the “gig”:

The gig was to do an interview with [RT correspondent] Sophie Shevardnadze. It was an interview in front of the forum, probably 200 people in the audience. My purpose there was I was asked to talk about radical Islam in the Middle East. They asked me to talk about what was going on in the situation unfolding in the Middle East. … The speaking agreement was done before Russian went into Syria, which was actually more interesting to me because … one of my discussions, I talked about the attacks in France … and the negative role that Iran was playing where I thought Russian could actually have a role. The statement that I made was actually: “Russia ought to get Iran to back out of the proxy wars they are involved in,” to include Syria, so we, the rest of the international community, could settle this situation down.

Part of the conference was a dinner, which was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin, there are photos of Flynn sitting with Putin.

Somewhere I read that these were publicity shots as Putin moved from table to table, that is Jill Stein in right foreground.

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