Comey-Mueller the unanswered questions.

Sunday, Jan 22nd – Green Room Dinner/Memo created

Tuesday, May 9th – Comey Fired, attributed to Asst. AG letter

At some point DOJ begins search for Special Counsel, when did it start and
when was offer made to Mueller.

Thursday, May 11th – NY Times reports on some information in Comey memos
— Trump admits Comey fired because of Russian Investigation

8:26 AM Friday, May 12th – Trump’s Tweet re: tapes

Middle of night Monday, May 15th – Comey awoke and devised plan to release memo “because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel.”

The questions no Senator asked:
“Were you aware Robert Mueller had been approached to be Special Counsel?”
Were you aware of the NY Times leak of information from your memo?
Are you aware of which of your confidants leaked to NY Times?
Did you approve of the NY Times leak?

Tuesday, May 16th — Mueller interviews for FBI director position.

Did Come discuss this with Mueller?

Wednesday, May 17th – Mueller appointed Special Counsel

Presumably he was first approached no later than Monday, May 15th, to allow him
time to consider, notify Stanford and Wilmer-Hale and accept. More likely sometime in the week of May 8th – 12th.


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