2018 Budget History

The President’s Budget Proposal was submitted to 115th Congress on March 16th, 2017, the 75th day of 2017.  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) evaluation of the budget was released on July 13th, 2017.

The House passed and sent to Senate, on September 14, 2017, H.R. 3354;

Republicans – 210 yeas, 14 nays, 16 did not vote
Democrats – 1 yea, 184 nays, 9 did not vote

 The bill provided; $1.1 trillion in regular funding for all 12 individual appropriations bills – Interior; Agriculture; Commerce, Justice, Science; Financial Services; Labor, HHS, Education; Homeland Security; State, Foreign Operations; Transportation, Housing and Urban Development; Defense; Legislative Branch; Military Construction/Veterans Affairs; and Energy and Water.

As of January 22nd, 2018 the Senate has taken NO ACTION on the bill, it has not been introduced or sent to committee.  It has been 186 day since it was passed by the house.

The process of introducing a bill in the Senate;

In the Senate, a bill is introduced by placing it on the presiding officer’s desk or by formally introducing it on the Senate Floor.





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