If you are going to propose a gun ban.

In order to get my support for your proposed ban of weapons that have contributed to mass casualty events (vice the catch phrase “assault weapon”) you must:

  • Define the functions, not the visual aesthetics, e.g. cyclic rate of fire, that define the weapons to be banned, with an explanation of how the function has contributed to a mass casualty event.
  • Propose a method to reclaim (confiscate) weapons that are already privately owned.
    • It should include fair-market-value compensation for confiscated weapons.
  • Propose the penalties for failure to comply.
    • Phased in, increasing fines, leading to incarceration at end of phase in.
    • Enhanced incarceration for commiting a felony with a banned weapon.
  • Pay for the administration of your ban via an across the board tax increase, the ban can not increase the national debt.

The ban must apply to all weapons, long guns, shotguns, and pistols that meet the functional description.


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