My Corporate Visa Card Was Evidently Cloned

Likely cloned in Fernandina or Yulee, used in Bradenton, Ocala, St. Pete and Clermont.


On June 28th I discovered that my Corporate (LLC) Credit Card has been used to purchase $772.20 in merchandise at four different Lowe’s and $67.18 at a Shell Station, all in central Florida, between the 21st and 27th of June.  It was also denied at a Lowe’s in Plant City ($196.00).  I presume the Shell purchase was fuel and the Lowe’s purchases were likely power tools that could be easily resold.

I use the card infrequently, only twenty-eight (28) times this year:

  • Four (4) times at different restaurants (Feb, Mar, May & Jun)
  • Two (2) times at  a local merchant (TM, Jan & Feb)
  • Four (4) times at a local merchant (TA, Jan, Feb & Jun)
  • Two (2) times at a Chain Store (WM, Apr & Jun)
  • Four (4) times at a Chain Store (LS, Apr & Jun)
    • Three (3) time via on-line (cc on file) (May & Jun)
  • One (1) time at local merchant (LF, May)
  • Three (3) online transactions (May & June)
    • One had cc on file.
  • One (1) time at a local merchant (AP, June)

Of these, the card was out of my possession in only six (6) instances and entered online in two (2) instances.  In all other cases it would have had to been a cyber breach of the merchants scanner or database.

The first use of the cloned card was on 21st at 3:45 pm at Lowe’s in Clermont for $196.84.

The next day, 22nd at 3:01 it was used at Lowe’s in St. Pete for $198.54.

June 23 at 4;13 pm at Lowe’s in Plant City, it failed on a purchase of 196.00.  It also failed on the 28th at 4:36 pm at a Shell Station in Brandon.  I presume the failures to clear were a denial by Visa.

At 8:41 am on the 26th, $67.18 was charged at a Shell Service Station in Tampa.

It was use again on the 26th at 2:58 pm at Lowe’s in Bradenton for $191.43.

The next day, 27th it was used at Lowe’s in Ocala at 2:24 pm for $189.39.

I have disputed the purchases and should know the result of the investigation within ten days.

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